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One of our most popular products, our  African Black Soap Blend range are  parked with top notch herbs and spices can be use for removing makeup, treating acne and healing rough and dry skin.  An additional plus is the soap s ability to gently fight the effects of aging and soothe the effects of sun damage.

If you haven’t tried our Brightening African black soap blend range, you haven’t lived.  If you are one of those women/men who prefers quality natural products, then you will absolutely appreciate our African Black soap with luxurious added ingredients. Made from cocoa pods, virgin coconut oil, and Shea Butter, this Soap packs vitamin A, C, and D power.
Loaded with anti-aging anti-oxidants, Brightening soap with fresh lemon, carrots & Ayurvedic herbs of reishi, chlorella, brahmi, ashwagandha & turmeric is an essential for stressed out skin of all skin types.

Reishi mushrooms are brimming with skincare benefits, from reducing redness to fending off fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Fights free radicals: "Reishi mushrooms sustain levels of two of the most powerful antioxidants in the skin, namely ergothioneine and reduced glutathione," says Graf. "These prevent premature aging and free radical formation, and also enhance sun protection."
  • Alleviates redness and irritation: Graf notes that inflammation is the first step in skin aging, and that "the immune boosting adaptogenic properties of reishi mushrooms result in soothed, calmed skin as well as reduced redness."
  • Deeply hydrates: "The polysaccharides in the reishi mushroom provide humectant and deeply hydrating benefits," says Graf. This means that they may also decrease fine lines and wrinkles, as well as repair and reinforce moisture barrier.
  • Fades acne scars: Graf explains that when used in extract form, "reishi mushrooms inhibit the melanin-producing enzyme tyrosinase, and are helpful in reducing skin pigmentation and discoloration."


Shea/Cocoa Butter – Rich in vitamin A, E, K and essential fatty acids. Known to moisturize skin, fade dark marks, spots & acne scars as well as heal damaged skin, burns & sores. Also used to treat inflammatory skin conditions and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Carrot juice can offer beautiful natural skin care. The benefits of vitamin A and C are healthful for skin. Vitamin A is essential for body tissue growth. It provides antioxidants benefits, attacking free radicals, which can cause pre-mature wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis and rashes. The antioxidants can act as a natural sun block and help in healing sunburns. The benefits of vitamin C helps promote skin elasticity, with collagen production. The juice helps improve uneven skin tone, prevents scars, revitalizes skin, helps get rid of blackheads, provides acne relief, has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes smooth, soft and supple skin.


Turmeric has been used as a natural beauty product for centuries. It is a natural way of treating several skin problems and getting a flawless, glowing skin. It's great for acne because turmeric acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells it further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow.


  • vitamin E
  • Carrot
  • turmeric
  • mushroom exracts
  • vitamin c powder
  • orange peel
  • cloves

African Black Liquid Brightening Soap

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