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Enhance the allure of your beautiful contours with Unique Glow's Boosted Firming Butter, crafted from a combination of Kigelia Africana, Black Maca Root, Akpi, and Fenugreek. Our Boosted Firming Butter is meticulously formulated to provide the essential firmness and tightness your buttocks, hips, and breasts require.

Each component in this butter is carefully chosen to deliver exceptional results, making it the ultimate firming solution.


Expect noticeable changes within 2-3 weeks of  proper usage and a visible transformation in your rear end's shape after approximately one month.


Boosted Firming Butter offers a multitude of benefits for the body, thanks to its natural sterols that contribute to collagen production, fostering muscle growth and enhancing the volume of specific body areas. This Boosted Firming Butter is especially effective for countering issues of sagging and reduced elasticity, making it suitable for use on the breasts as well. Our Boosted Firming Butter visibly tones the hip and buttocks areas. 


Suitable for all skin types,

Boosted Firming Butter With Akpi - Maca - Kigelia - Fenugreek

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