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Akpi, which goes by various names such as Djansang, Njansang, Musodo, Erimado, Corkwood, and Essessang, is a pale-colored seed primarily found in African rainforests.

Akpi oil is celebrated for its natural firming and volumizing properties, particularly for body parts like breasts and buttocks. Additionally, this oil serves as an antioxidant, effectively combating the signs of cosmetic skin aging.


Kigelia Africana, a tree abundant in Africa, produces remarkably large fruits that resemble sausages, earning it the nickname "sausage tree." These fruits can weigh up to 12 kg and are the source of active ingredients used in beauty treatments for African women. Similar to Fenugreek, Kigelia is rich in estrogens, contributing to breast toning and firming.


The amazing black maca not only boosts strength but also proves to be a genuine radiance enhancer, elevating the skin's brightness and luminosity. Additionally, maca possesses the capacity to diminish fine lines and promote cell rejuvenation, making it a valuable ingredient for individuals with mature, dry, or fatigued-looking skin.


Fenugreek seeds are rich in Diosgenin, which possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. These attributes assist the skin in combating acne and also eliminate free radicals in our body, which are responsible for causing wrinkles, dark spots, and infections.


Engage in physical activity, but steer clear of intense sports. Avoid subjecting your breasts to pressure, particularly when sleeping on your stomach.


Select a well-fitted bra that complements your chest's shape. Opt for cooler water during showers, especially for your chest, as opposed to hot water. Shield your breasts from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can lead to reduced skin elasticity. Apply sunscreen to your neck and décolleté to help maintain their youthful appearance. Maintain a stable weight to prevent chest deformation, avoiding rapid weight fluctuations akin to those experienced during pregnancy.


Strengthen your pectoral muscles. Incorporate a daily regimen of push-ups into your routine. Utilize a squeezable ball placed at chest level and compress it with your palms. Regularly practice the backstroke in the pool. Prioritize the importance of caring for your body.



Massage int tageted areas for 5min.


On a Daily Basis:

Incorporate regular exercise into your routine, while steering clear of strenuous sports.
Refrain from applying pressure to your breasts, particularly when sleeping on your stomach.Opt for a properly fitting bra that suits your chest's size and shape.

Favour cooler water over hot showers, especially when washing your chest.
Shield your breasts from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can reduce the skin's elasticity that supports them.
Apply sunscreen to your neck and décolleté to maintain skin firmness for as long as possible. 

Maintain a steady weight, as fluctuations, like those during pregnancy, can lead to changes in chest shape.
Strengthen your pectoral muscles.
Perform a daily series of push-ups.
Utilize a ball by placing it at chest level and compressing it with your palms.
Regularly practice the back crawl in the pool.

Remember, caring for your body is of utmost importance.


  • Akpi Oil
  • Kigelia Africana Oil
  • Black Maca Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Frac Coconut Oil
  • Bellis Oil
  • Black Seed Oil
  • Fenugreek Seed Oil
  • Prekese seed Oil

Boosted Firming Oil With Akpi - Maca - Kigelia - Fenugreek 1oz, 30ml

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