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Stimulate your hair follicles with this special blend of exceptional hair nourishing herbs infused in Organic Oils. This combination of herbs promotes pH balance, arouse and boost hair growth from the scalp. The high quality ingredients deeply absorb into the hair shaft which makes it perfect for those suffering from hair loss, excess shedding, dry, itchy scalp, early greying and breakage. 
Herbs are sourced from a holistic practice long held by the Fulani tribe form Nigeria, Chad and some other Western African Countries and also the Indian community. Women from these countries are known for their luscious & healthy hair. The herbs deeply nourish, penetrate the hair shaft and promote hair growth. Chebe+ Oil is made with 100% all natural ingredients to ensure the array of vitamins and minerals are intact, easily transferring on to the hair. Great for 4C and all type of hair.  It can also effectively be used as a Hot Oil Treatment. 
Chebe is consist primarily o