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Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammation, Anti endometritis,Anti annextitis, exclude toxin, detoxification, disinfection for vagina. Eliminate peculiar smell, balance PH value.prodect the inner chamber away from vigina. Tightening vagina, Koro, delay aging. Restore vagina.


Enhance sex pleasure,sex feeling,improving the quality of sexual life. Eliminate peculiar smell, odour, Malodour, itching and protect ovary.











Use the gel before go to bed. open the Insurance cover of the injector, remove the cover, body lying on the bed. inserted into the vagina slowly about 6cm-7cm, put the cover behind the injector, push out the gel slowly, Lying in bed for 1-2 hours, avoid the drug out of the body. One time per day


For external use, Disable for children and virgin, pregnant women use with caution, don't use in menstrual period.

Herbs Anti Inflammation Vaginal Tightening Gel

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